"I have realised that if I pay attention to and clear out my inner house my outer house becomes easier to live in"  LS



We highly recommend the daily use of energy hygiene for increased wellbeing and protection from internal or external limitation, negativity and fear. Students, clients and friends who use it  regularly report greater clarity and find it highly beneficial in their personal, professional and spiritual lives.



Review of the Basic Energetic Hygiene Process

About a month ago Patti sent me a couple of sheets of paper about an energetic hygiene process. I read it with interest and decided to give it a go. The reason for this decision was a sense of losing control in some areas of my life and succumbing to feelings of being overwhelmed. I had recently taken a room in a new studio gallery with five other artists. Making art wasn’t a problem; setting up a new business wasn’t that hard either but finding the time for my struggling writing career and working in with five other highly creative people was sapping my energy. There were also a lot of new challenges that came with a change of working environment and dealing with the public. The Basic Energetic Hygiene Process began making changes from day one. I felt more relaxed and focussed. I also felt less drawn into the problems of others. The problems were still there but didn’t seem to affect me as much.

I chose to do the exercise twice a day. Some of the affirmations were trickier than others.
‘I welcome and honour my feelings’ is a big one for me. Not all feelings are good and yet I must welcome and honour them.  As I learnt to do so I found myself more able to take a stand in matters I would normally have backed away from. I chose to acknowledge more freely when I was upset and do something about it.

‘I release all judgment’  made me go- really? Do I have to? Using this affirmation made me aware of unresolved feelings about my older brother. As I recognised these feelings they became less intense.

The basic energetic hygiene process feels like a firm foundation for my beliefs. It supports my life as an artist and writer helping me to stay focussed on my work.

Through doing the exercise I have realised that if I pay attention to and clear out my inner house my outer house becomes easier to live in. Since beginning the process I have also sold some paintings and found a publisher willing to look at a series of books I have been writing for years.
When my day becomes bogged down or hard I remember that I create my own reality. This knowledge prompts me to act and change my day for the better. Some things are unavoidable and have to be done. You can’t always change what is happening but you can change how you deal with it.

 I don’t always manage to do the exercises every day but I often remember a line when I need it. I was swimming in the sea and worrying about family stuff when the line. ‘I allow myself to be present here now. I allow the creative source within to choose its own knowing,’ came into my mind and within moments I was enjoying the water, the clear blue sky and the warmth of the sun, the family stuff  forgotten. Later, a solution to my problem presented itself.

These exercises are a tool for living and portable. You can use them on a plane and at home. I am grateful to be introduced to them by Patti.


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