PattiPatti completed her Certificate IV in Mentoring and Life Coaching with the Global Coaching Academy in 2009 and is a credentialed member of the International Coaching Federation.


Coaching really honours people and their uniqueness; it is empowering and assists people to be self supportive. Iʼve taught self development programs for many years. When I started working with coaches and mentors 15 years ago, I found it a refreshing new approach to self development. Becoming a coach has given me a different perspective. I have found that the basis of healthy self development is a healthy self appreciation, acceptance and self esteem. I offer coaching for those who aspire to be more self accepting and want to be empowered from within. I encourage a relaxed coaching environment where people can be at ease and explore. I trust they have unlimited potential and use coaching to encourage them to discover and uncover it. I often  use meditation and yoga to facilitate transformation in a coaching session.


  • Make progressive changes for your wellbeing
  • Support balanced assessment of your implementation of changes for wellbeing
  • Encourage, motivate, stretch and celebrate

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Patti completed her Certificate IV in Mentoring and Life Coaching in 2009 with the Global Coaching Academy based in Perth.

Self Esteem 



Experience from a coaching client ...

"Patti provided a safe environment to express my dreams and hopes and, with her help I was able to verbalize my wellness goals.  I spent many years wishing I could do better at certain areas of my life but was never able to put it into words and make the changes necessary.  After just the first session with Patti I had some concrete goals AND tools to help me work towards those goals.  Each session brought new insight about myself and with Patti's perceptive observations I was more aware of the patterns of my life that could be changed to bring happiness and serenity into my life".

Nancy (USA)

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