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When I was 13 I enrolled in my first meditation course and I began practising yoga asanas at 15.  At 21 I finished my meditation teacher training course and I taught in schools, businesses, factories and centres in Australia, Canada and the USA.

Meditation was a great escape for me, even in primary school I was known as a day dreamer looking out the window and wondering what was beyond the school, beyond the sky, beyond the planet and beyond and beyond.

 Very early on I found a way to avoid feeling the experiences of life happening, the pain, the disappointment, the hurt and anger, the ups and downs, the duality, and I spiritualised these feelings rather than feeling them.  Effectively I created my own addiction to transcend my feelings, to cope.  I judged my feelings, myself and others.  So, for most of my life I thought I was doing all the right things yet I felt a nagging sense of disconnection. To the point of depression.  I put the cart before the horse and developed my spiritual bodies, 'S'elf,  before I had a firm foundation and sense of 's'elf and self esteem.  It was quite an unstable contrast to the bliss states I could easily access after so much activation of my spiritual bodies that meditation also developed.  This contrast and split was very confusing.

In my meditation practise I paid very little attention to being grounded, clearing my field, developing psychological clarity or getting in touch with my true feelings.  I wanted to be spiritual more than anything and mistakenly felt I had to give up being human to do this.  I judged all that my little mind, limited mind and beliefs decided was not spiritual and became self righteous and full of spiritual pride with a good measure of arrogance. While underneath bubbled uncleared, deep seated fears.  The word spirit means to love and I had fears that were crying out to be acknowledged and transformed. I was living a hypocrisy.

I was a foreign exchange student with a program whose motto was peace through youth in my final year of high school.  I attended a university in the USA where everyone meditated and studied the development of consciousness.  I taught meditation and advanced courses and trained teachers of meditation.  They were wonderful and rich years.

However, I gave myself so much to traditions so young and on-going that I never really discovered and anchored who I was and my self esteem foundations of worthiness, uniqueness, belonging and self determination were at best shaky when I really needed them to be strong.  With a healthy inferiority complex (manifesting as swings between self righteousness and low self worth) I often took on responsibility for how others felt or might feel and effectively twisted myself in knots.  I decided that I was the one to either fix people, save people or feel for them.  Better than having to do that for myself!  I had a period when I crumbled  not willing enough, not letting go of my pride enough and not embracing  tools that I knew worked. Not embracing that there is always a better way.

After over 40 years of practising ways of self development  and working in spiritual groups and teaching, coaching and mentoring I feel I have learned a great deal about what not to do in spiritual  development as well as some leading edge tools that support integrated growth.  I am learning  more every day and am excited about sharing   some  tools that now enhance the journey.

For me, wellness is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.  It is living from my  heart, not buying into fear propaganda from within or without, being consciously aware, it is about loving and appreciating my  life and all life and then giving back in some humble way.

I invite you to Meditation or Yoga Classes or enrol in our exploring self esteem courses to build greater strength, openness, flexibility and adaptability.


 Jiae - Yoga

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Hi there!

My name is Jiae Kim from Korea. I've been teaching yoga since 2013 and it's been always one of the best things I love to do. For me, yoga is like a vitamin. It brings vitality and liveness in my life. Also it helps me to find balance between body and mind. It would be wonderful if I could share my experiences and love of yoga with you. Come and practice with me, you will be always welcomed.

In my personal experience practising, I first felt my body was getting stronger and as my physical body was changing I felt my mind was stronger and calmer too. It is challenging sometimes, but I have the chance to reflect and learn about myself through the challenge and every time I come back to the mat I feel so grateful that I met yoga. It it makes my mind quiet-moving with my breath. I feel like I really connect to my body.



Laura - Yoga

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Hi there! I completed my teacher training in Darjeeling, India. My own yoga and meditation practice started around 7 years ago when I was recovering from surgery, I quickly fell in love with Vinyasa Flow  practice as I was amazed by the healing attributes of yoga on the physical body and the strength it allowed me to build in such a short space of time and I wanted to learn more!!

Fast forward 7 years and I’m even more in love than before, I quickly came to learn that Yoga is much more than the Asana’s. Yoga is about nourishing yourself, it’s a transformative journey for your own body and mind.

I am extremely passionate about helping others fall in love with Yoga, Meditation and ultimately themselves. My focus is on safe alignment and empowering people so they are able to find, release, heal and live a more peaceful life.


Tonia - Yoga

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I love teaching yoga because it has so many benefits physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Yoga is for “every” body and in the stress filled world we live in, I can’t imagine my life without it.

I have been practising yoga since 2011 and have an Advanced Diploma of Holistic Classical Yoga Practices and enjoy teaching classical hatha yoga.

My classes aim to build strength and flexibility within the body. My goal is to leave you feeling relaxed, restored and rejuvenated within your body and mind. I endeavour to incorporate breathing, relaxation, meditation techniques and philosophy/wisdom in the form of inspiring readings, poetry and themes in my classes.

These classes are suitable for most people with modifications offered if required.


Jacqui - Meditation


I facilitate a  weekly meditation incorporating the use of therapeutic grade essential oils. As these oils are made from the earth, they are an effective tool to help us be more grounded and steady, whilst we learn to also reconnect within, to that truly authentic higher expression of who we really are. All levels are welcome. 

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