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Very early on I found a way to avoid feeling the experiences of life happening, the pain, the disappointment, the hurt and anger, the ups and downs and I spiritualised these feelings rather than feeling them.  Effectively I created my own addiction to transcend my feelings, to cope.  I judged my feelings, myself and others.  So, for most of my life I thought I was doing all the right things yet I felt a nagging sense of disconnection. To the point of depression.  I put the cart before the horse and developed my spiritual bodies ahead of self esteem, being grounded, clearing my field, developing psychological clarity . It was quite an unstable contrast to the bliss states I could easily access.

I wanted to be spiritual more than anything and mistakenly felt I had to give up being human.  I judged a lot things I felt were not spiritual and became self righteous. While underneath bubbled deep seated fears.  I taught meditation, advanced courses and trained teachers and they were wonderful and rich years. However, my self esteem foundations were at best shaky.  With a healthy inferiority complex (manifesting as swings between self righteousness and low self worth) I often took on responsibility for how others felt or might feel and effectively twisted myself in knots.

After over 40 years working in spiritual groups teaching, coaching and mentoring I feel I have learned a great deal about what not to do in spiritual development as well as some leading edge tools that support integrated growth.  Trans Genesis was born to offer holistic- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.  I invite you to explore what the great team here offer.

Patti teaches:

Patti also offers one-on-one chakra balancing.

We have yoga classes for adult and kidsyoga & meditation events,  meditation classessix-month meditation facilitation training, year long yoga teacher training, and personal growth, Self Love Self Mastery classes.

Curious about our name Trans Genesis? It's about new beginnings, providing a universal and simple way to explore yoga, meditation and holistic well being. If you are already a practitioner, or new to meditation and yoga or any of the complementary modialites here we invite you to come explore with us!


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