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In 1976 I started yoga classes in the city, on Irwin Street, at a school above Gilkenson's Dance Studio. At that time, it was one of a few places for yoga in Perth. A friend and I would jump in her brother's Holden each week after school and drive from Peppermint Grove with our thick padded mat rolls in the back. We loved it. I was fifteen. I had already learned meditation a couple of years earlier. Yoga and meditation have been a life long practise ( maybe longer :)  and the value of yoga and meditation for wellbeing is as valuable today as ever. Perhaps more. Culturing calm and connected focus on the inner for outer wellbeing.  I'm so grateful to now provide a place for others to jump in their cars ( or walk or cycle) to enjoy more connected, inner time too.

With 46 years practising, training, learning. teaching, ( making mistakes) coaching and mentoring I feel I have learned a great deal about these practises, as well as some leading edge tools that support integrated personal and spiritual growth.  Trans Genesis offers a place for holistic- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and environmental well being.  I invite you to explore and enjoy with us!

Patti teaches:

Patti also offers one-on-one chakra balancing



Our calm, self-nurturing environment is spacious & we limit our yoga class size to 12 people each class so you can relax & enjoy wellbeing of mind and body.

For those of you that are keen to implement a healthier way of life in addition to our casual and 10 class pass options we can support you with our Health & Wellbeing Monthly Membership.


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