Classes are designed to meet the needs of each participant, to listen to the body and work with it to stretch, release tension, unwind, and restore balance. The poses are rejuvenating and accessible for those new to yoga or experienced in a practise. The class is time to pause, be at peace, breathe and reduce stress and honours the spirit of yoga.

  • 1.15 hrs 
  • Casual $20 & 10 Class Pass $150
  • Bring your own mat

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I’ve been attending yoga classes on and off since 1973 and have always loved yoga. However what I didn’t realise is how much glamour there is in the yoga world and how much I had bought into this. It always seemed to be about who could tie themselves in the best knot and I got tangled up in this race. I witnessed many injuries in the yoga classes and working as a Bowen therapist and was also injured myself. Patti’s classes feel safe and also very healing too, where this wonderful ancient tool for growth has been brought into the modern western world with a beautiful simplicity in a very new and evolved way.


I came to your studio 2 and a half years ago as a mum of a 6 month old in search of some head space, some time to relax and have a small piece of time just for me. I found it at your studio. Your approach to yoga is so calm and healing, its a whole body, mind and soul experience that allows me to breathe and meditate and reenergise ready for the week ahead. 

Since then I have been a regular attendee, had a second child and attended your prenatal yoga. I have recently been fortunate to experience classes by other yoga teachers at your studio. They too created a holistic, calm and peaceful experience and would gladly go to their classes again. 

Thank you for creating such a beautiful peaceful space to practice yoga.


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