In 2009 I completed a Certificate IV in Life Coaching & Mentoring with the Global Coaching Academy (GCA). It was a year of training and practicum and it put me through my paces. I discovered I had almost unconscious tendencies to tell people what I thought they should do and or do it for them. I had to really pull back because really I don't know.


This behaviour of mine showed me two main things. I was not wanting people to create and mistake for themselves, and grow and experience and learn, to trust their innate knowing over time. To evolve. Secondly, I was not doing enough of that for myself. I was looking to be told what to do and not trust myself. Looking outside for validation. Stay too safe.  While nothing is set in stone and sharing experience can be invalubale, and certain tools and practices I know work I can and do pass on. It was my underlying premise, my motives, really my funky self esteem, I needed to clear and refine and grow.

I'm very grateful to Belinda, the owner  and creator of the GCA and fellow students, for helping me see how I could so easily want to do the work for people and feel good about myself for that. The sessions I provide we set up to work for you. You drive the process and are accountable to you. I aim to do less and less.  I do jump in with ideas at times, however its about your choices, your work and your learning and success.

You can have a read of people recent coaching and mentoring experiences below. I love coaching and mentoring and seeing what emerges.





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"As a mentor & coach, Patti creates a safe space to talk about my life issues. I know I have been heard & not judged.  Receiving encouragement, gently called to take responsibility for my own life. I feel empowered & affirmed to take charge of my own choices & actions. "  


"I have been participating in individual mentoring with Patti during 2020 at a personal and professional level. Patti is genuine, down to earth, caring and knowledgeable in her guidance. My work with Patti is something that carries on in-between sessions with a holistic approach, allowing for reflection, self discovery and growth. Mentoring has allowed me to learn so much about myself and others, to stay grounded and on a road of continuous improvement as an individual and as a meditation facilitator. Patti is a wonderful teacher & mentor".  Casey

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