Holistic counseling is an approach which recognises the whole client in the counseling experience -   body, mind, emotions, spirit. We are complex beings and our healing will be much more thorough, deep and lasting when all aspects of us are acknowledged.


 Most of the time we have the necessary skills and internal resources to be able to deal with the issues and challenges life presents. However, there can be times when life throws us curve balls in the shape of unexpected, traumatic or particularly challenging events or there can just be stressful phases in our journey. This is when we may need some extra support to manage how we’re feeling and find our way through the situation. Talking to a holistic counsellor in a safe and non judgmental environment can provide this. Professional counselling can be preferable to talking to friends or family as a good counselor will provide you with a confidential, impartial, supportive space which will allow you to see your situation from another perspective, unravel how you feel and find clarity in how to respond, all without feeling influenced by or responsible for what’s going on for the other person, as can be the case when turning to friends or family.



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Asifa provides a deeply supportive and nurturing counseling space where clients can feel safe to explore the issues and challenges they’re struggling with and which may simply feel too daunting or overwhelming to face alone.   Her gentle acceptance of clients helps difficult feelings to dissolve, healing and upliftment to occur and a way forward to emerge.


She can support you through a range of life challenges and some of the areas she has worked with include self esteem, “inner child” issues, feeling stuck in life, fear of change and bereavement.



Asifa is a qualified holistic counselor, life coach, mentor and trainer. Prior to this she had many years’ experience in Social Services teams for the support of vulnerable adults, foster carers and children. She has also held volunteer roles counseling and supporting children via a telephone helpline and homeless adults at a meal centre facility in the UK.



She has also had a rich variety of life experience which she brings to her relating with people and their lives. This has included a multicultural upbringing in the UK aswell as living and working in France and Australia. She studied French at university followed by postgraduate studies in primary education and later on also trained as a chef. She has a love of cooking, cats, reading and riding her bicycle. She is also actively committed to working on her own personal and spiritual development.



Asifa’s Qualifications include AEB Certificate in Counseling Theory (UK based qualification), Diploma in Holistic Counselling, Certificate IV Mentoring & Coaching and Certificate IV TAE




Private sessions are available by appointment at Trans Genesis School of Yoga and Meditation.

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