Jen and Reinette also offer Life Coaching. Generally, a series of sessions is beneficial for optimal results and change. A Coach walks beside you in a non-judgemental and confidential space to help you create and manifest new choices and goals to step forward. Some areas Life Coaching is effective:


  • To improve and maintain work-life balance    
  • Accessing your creative abilities
  • Improving health and wellbeing
  • Regaining Self-confidence
  • Restoring harmony within relationships
  • Explore your life values and career
  • Begin a new business or take your business to a new level


Having a Life Coach to check in with on a regular basis can be a most valuable resource for your emotional, spiritual and psychological wellbeing. This has the potential to flow on into your physical wellbeing and improve all relationships in your life -- mostly with yourself.

With understanding from her various life experiences and being a mother, Jen loves to share new possibilities with others. Coaching can help gather more insight to gently support change towards transforming into ones unique Inner Spirit.

Reinette would like to walk beside you when you face challenges in your life. She would like to offer a safe space for you to get in contact with your inner knowing, so you can find the answers to your deepest questions. If you need clarity on moving forward, how to face the challenges of your life, work and/or relationships, or just need some extra support and encouragement, she would like to be there for you. And when all is going well, but deep within you, you sense that there is even more potential for joy, happiness, purpose and fulfillment, she can cheer you on.



For appointments with Jen Taylor phone  0449 698 070 and appointments with Reinette Nel  0416 240 104

timetable: Yoga & Meditation



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