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We are located at 9/27 Caloundra Rd, Clarkson across the road from Bunnings & we have a particular focus supporting our clientele with our large spacious studio most suited for beginners to medium levels of experience & intensity.


  • Enjoy casual classes when it suits you
  • $20 per class

10 Class Pass

  • Save $50 and use your 10 classes whenever it suits your schedule
  • Includes yoga and meditation classes
  • No expiry dates
  • $150

Health and Wellbeing Membership

  • Considerable savings
  • Unlimited classes each month
  • Includes yoga and meditation classes
  • Automatic monthly direct debit
  • No contract periods
  • $100 per month

If you would like to know more, please feel welcome to call Patti on 0410 017 202 or you can book through our online booking system:

Online Booking

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Enjoy some mini classes with us here...


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timetable: Yoga & Meditation



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