"Patti's approach to yoga & meditation is a complete yoga upgrade for the contemporary world. It is all about the heart, being well rounded and grounded, accountable, and lovingly fixing self. A breath of fresh air"

Rupert Guenther, Australia Concert artist, holistic performance trainer, and long-term meditator


I attended Patti's meditation/yoga class after my Doctor suggested it or yoga after suffering from anxiety and stress. After only one class I found this very helpful and noticed the difference in me. I now meditate 5-10 mins every morning and am ready to face the day. Now I have me time.

Pauline Patchett Perth, Western Australia


"Patti visited us at Bankwest to run a meditation session for a group of 10 very stressed EA's and PA's! Within no time she had us all unwinding, easing us into some gentle yoga exercises and then guiding us through a very relaxing meditation. We all felt fantastic at the end. Patti was very knowledgeable in both and the care to be taken with getting the yoga position right and, for many of us, an introduction to meditation. We really enjoyed having her there and would call on her again to facilitate another session." 

Christine - Bankwest


"Patti facilitated meditation sessions for our Women's Yoga Retreats at Samudra and always received a great response. Her pragmatic approach makes meditation accessible to all levels of experience as she shares a variety of techniques and tools with the women which they can then could employ at home. Patti has such a wealth of experience and knowledge, which coupled with her warmth and openness makes her a wonderful teacher and coach. Patti's guided meditations always resonate deeply and everyone leaves feeling grounded and relaxed. I have no hesitation in recommending Patti as a facilitator to any individual or business."

Samudra Events and Retreats


"I sat with Patti for about 45 minutes and we went thru a process of meditating I hadn’t tried before. Instead of the usual lying on the floor, we sat on chairs so our feet were resting on the ground. When I lie I usually drift off to sleep, which is nice, but does not help me to practise to clear my mind. This time Patti talked me thru grounding my feet and keeping in touch with my body and the earth. I followed her instructions to clear my mind and relax my head and shoulders.  Although I felt my head droop a few times, I think I was actually awake most of the time and focused on letting my brain slow down. I have found in the past that meditation is a skill you need to practice regularly, and I know I am out of the habit. With a couple of new tips, I will once again practice and improve my level of skill and get back to being able to ‘switch off’ whenever I need to take a breather from the world around me".

Leanne, Perth


I came to your studio 2 and a half years ago as a mum of a 6 month old in search of some head space, some time to relax and have a small piece of time just for me. I found it at your studio. Your approach to yoga is so calm and healing, its a whole body, mind and soul experience that allows me to breathe and meditate and reenergise ready for the week ahead. 

Since then I have been a regular attendee, had a second child and attended your prenatal yoga. I have recently been fortunate to experience classes by other yoga teachers at your studio, Kelly and Helen. They too created a holistic, calm and peaceful experience and would gladly go to their classes again. 

Thank you for creating such a beautiful peaceful space to practice yoga. 


Participant at Studio


"My adult son and I attended a four week 'Introduction to Meditation' course with Patti very recently. It is the best investment ( in time and money ) that I have made in a very long time. The knowledge and practice that we gained has led to the formation of a new and rewarding habit. I had known for many years that meditation has profound benefits but I am surprised as its power. Patti has such a beautiful way of teaching us about ourselves along with imparting the methods used in heart fullness meditation. I am recommending the course to anyone who would like to enjoy a greater sense of contentment - (and isn't that nearly all if us?)"

Jane, Busselton


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