Meditation helps culture silence, stillness, peace and serenity. In the classes at the studio our focus is on being grounded, centred calming. They are ideal for anyone who is looking to relax, reduce stress and quieten their mind. Meditation is a great tool for personal & spiritual growth and can be therapuetic for many health concerns-- particularly stress related or aggravated conditions.

  • relax
  • be present
  • calm the mind and body
  • experience greater mental peace, clarity and focus
  • integrate deeper mind body soul spirit connection


Meditation Classes at the Studio


Monday    11am -11:30am       Facilitator- Jenny Taylor 

Check in with your awareness barometer, simple techniques to release stress, anxiety, pain and restore balance. 30 minutes to bring more ease, inspiration, and joy to your life... $12 prepay or 6 for $60

Tuesday   5:30 - 6:30pm          Facilitator- Simon Rosengarten    Dance Journeys     Children & adults     

If you want to be in the flow and live in your sweet spot, this class is for you. Simple instructions and inspiring music guide you to warm up, stretch and move in a fun atmosphere where no skill level is required to reap the benefits of music and dance.

Enjoy free-flowing movement to music in a warm, accepting environment where you can relax, release stress & have fun. Come out all refreshed and exercised, and very much in the flow. Be as explorative and creative as you want or simply sway, roll around & relax to the music. Simon  has designed this modality to be accessible to all. No skill level is required - it’s for you, as you are, and any age you are.

“I haven’t felt so free in a long, long time!” Kiara, 9 years old

 “As relaxing as yoga with the added flow of music and free movement.  Has a refreshing, meditative effect.”                        

“The opportunity to move without fear of judgment from myself and others is incredibly freeing. I love being fully present in my body and allowing myself to do what comes naturally.” Kelly, Teacher.

“ It was easy to get into the flow and go with the music. I feel a sense of lightness and peace.”  Lee-Anne, Early Learning

Tuesday 7:00 - 8:00pm            Facilitator- Jacqui Sheales Meditation and Essential Oils BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL

Jacqui facilitates a gentle meditation group incorporating the use of therapeutic grade essential oils. As these oils are made from the earth, they are effective at helping us become more grounded and steady, whilst we learn to also reconnect back within, to that truly authentic higher expression of who we really are.

Thursday 7:00 - 8:00pm          Facilitator- Sue Fogarty

It's very simple to begin and if you would like some support in your meditations or enjoy meditating with others who are like minded join Sue's  group on Thursday evenings 7pm. 


Meditation in the Workplace & Community

Host meditation classes in your workplace

  • Meditation in your workplace or community can help to:
    increase productivity, creativity and innovation
  • lower stress and anxiety levels and improve overall wellness
  • retain and reduce absenteeism
  • improve problem solving abilitiies
  • empower individuals to be their best
  • build collaboration and bring a sense of belonging

To book or arrange a class, workshop or series of classes

Take advantage of having one of our meditation facilitators in training conduct a 30-60 minute class at no charge – limited availability.  The trainees are completing a 6-month training program with Trans Genesis and the class will be supervised in person or remotely by a professional meditation facilitators. 




 This Meditation CD is a great guide with 3 tracks to enjoy

Purchase in the studio shop or email us and we can mail it to you.

$20 ( plus postage)

"Thank you so much for the Meditation CD. My 6 yr old son Trevor and I meditated together last night ! He was so relaxed. He's asking to listen to your CD again tonight."  





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