We love making yoga and meditation normal & beneficial.

Have you seen pictures of people in magazines or seen people on the beach or in the park doing a head stand or something and thought, "My  body is not a yoga body"  or "I'm not flexible or strong enough".  Perhaps you tried before and that class didn't suit you. Or have you seen pictures in magazines of calm looking people meditating by an infinity pool and thought, "My mind is too busy to meditate" or "I can't sit like that" or "I dont have time" or  "What do I wear?" or "I can't sit still for very long" or "I'll look silly" 

We feel yoga & meditation is for anybody and we love making them normal & beneficial.

Step One.

Do you want to start with yoga or meditation? We offer both. Meditation is good to settle inside, for calm assurance, relaxation and stress reduction and we generally sit comfortably in a chair. Yoga is movement, breathing and then a relaxation to finish. Both classes are $20 casual or $150 for a 10 pass -- you can go to both classes with the same pass and they have a 6-month expiry date.

Step Two.

Choose a class day/time that suits you from our timetable.

Step Three.

Book online or just come along.  ( Bookings are required for Meditation Classes and Early Bird 6am Yoga)

Step Four.

Show up and start. Wear comfy clothes, the studio has AC so it is comfortable. Better not to eat a meal 1-2 hours before yoga. Bring your payment ( cash or EFTPOS) and if you have a yoga mat bring it too. We do have mats to use and some for sale. Our teachers are well trained and very welcoming.

We are located at 9/27 Caloundra Rd, Clarkson   ( behind the new Bunnings, across and upstairs from the Kalahari Café). If you have any questions feel free to ask. My mobile is 0410 017 202 and I’m the owner and I teach yoga Mondays, Thursdays and Sunday. We have yoga classes for adult and kids, yoga & meditation events,  meditation classes, six-month meditation facilitation training, year long yoga teacher training, and personal growth and self esteem mentoring.

Curious about our name Trans Genesis? It's about new beginnings, providing a universal and simple way to explore yoga and meditation. If you are already a practitioner, or new to meditation and yoga we invite you to come explore with us!








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The Art of Meditation

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  • Quietening the body, clearing and stilling the mind & emotions then aligning to our highest, clearest, brightest potential and listening.

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