Hello! We invite you to visit our bright, open & light studio for adult and kids yoga classes, yoga & meditation events,  meditation classes, six-month meditation facilitation training, year long yoga teacher training, and spiritual mentoring.


The studio is located at 9/27 Caloundra Road in Clarkson and it's a modern, professional and relaxed place to come to for yoga, meditation and to restore and balance.


If you are already a practitioner, or new to meditation and yoga you are welcome to explore with us. We make sure classes are accessible for everyone! Our teachers are well trained and keen to share the benefits of yoga and meditation. Classes are  personal, friendly and payment can be casual or to keep it easy you can purchase 10 class or monthly passes.

People ask about the name 'Trans Genesis' -  the transcendentalists were a big influence in my early years, particularly Emerson, Thoreau and Whitman. John Muir was also a big inspiration when I was 17-18 years old and I read his books by the fire while camping in the Sierras in California. He had read Emerson's books by his fire many years before in the Sierras too. I also practised and taught a method of transcending the consicous mind with meditation for many years. Genesis means the beginning or origin  and so Trans Genesis was a fitting name of bringing the best of all the transcending influences in my life to something new, original and connecting us to our own origins in the trainings and classes we offer.


We look forward to meeting you soon!



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The Art of Meditation

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  • Quietening the body, clearing and stilling the mind & emotions then aligning to our highest, clearest, brightest potential and listening.

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