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    Coaching and mentoring for Yoga Teachers ( Also suitable to transition to 350hr qualification to meet Yoga Australia registration )

    'Having mentorship with Patti was like a journey towards myself.  She was my teacher, mentor and friend through the course and always 100% supportive and genuine. She didn't just pass me her knowledge but also taught me how to find out my own answer and respected my way.  A big difference after the course is feeling more aware of myself. I can be more honest to my feelings and emotions and accept them as they are. I believe this change leads me to have better self-esteem and confidence, not just as a yoga teacher but as a one human being. Also Patti taught me there is more than asana in Yoga practice and it broadened my mind set about yoga. Frankly speaking, this mentorship was like therapy for me. I am grateful for having this opportunity in my yoga journey." Jiae

    This is a wonderful 6-month 110 hour training delivered face to face and via online learning in weekly classes. The focus is on enhancing our own meditation practice, personal development and learning the skills and art of facilitating meditation. On successful completion you can become a member of the Meditation Association of Australia and arrange for insurance as a facilitator. Please request a training prospectus!

    This is a 350 hour yoga teacher training held over 12 months where 75% of the course is delivered face to face in weekly class meetings. Further home study and practice which is logged in each student's journal. The course is focused on yoga ~ greater unity in consciousness for the teacher in their own personal development as a basis for what and how they teach. 

    For when we know we need to explore our foundations and build a kinder or heathier relationship with ourself.

    Participation can be face to face or via teleconference

    Contact  or 0410 017 202  for more details.